List of Best Galaxy Note 5 Flip Covers

Samsung Note 5 is the best example of how a smartphone should be like and what features are essential for the device to have to satisfy its users. Well, to be honest it is a pretty much sensitive device which makes it ideal to have a good flip cover to protect it inside out. Well, let us look at some of the Galaxy Note 5  flip covers that you should have a look at if you own a Galaxy Note 5.


Best Galaxy Note 5 Flip Covers

1. PU leather cover for Samsung galaxy Note 5

You might not have heard about this company but their product says all about them. PU generally manufactures awesome quality covers and this funky looking thing is no exception in terms of quality and if we talk about style, well, who doesn’t like a funky look? Well, this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Funky cover is on sale on Amazon at just $13 which according to us is a great deal when you compare it to others.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S View Cover

This one might look a bit odd to most of you but it actually serves a lot of handiness when used. Well, this one is the original cover from Samsung and as you would expect it is made of whole leather. So it is branded and it is made of cows, the next thing you will be asking is the price and yes Samsung has the power to surprise few and shock a lot of people so this will set your back at $55.

3. Heartly Dot View Flip Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This is an innovative Galaxy Note 5 flip case in which you can view, redial, see notifications and do much more without opening your flip cover. This is really a great feature and offers a lot of utility. And the best part is its price. It is now on sale at just $13 which is at 70 percent discount

4. Rock Leather V Dot View Flip Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This packs in some trendy designs that we have been dying to see since years now. The flip case itself acts like a screen when notifications are received or calls are made or are coming and much more. This is genuinely a great cover for your Note 5 and it just costs $16 and is available on Amazon Store.

5. Kalaideng S View Cover For Note 5

The original Note 5 cover seems to be very expensive but this one is not that expensive. In fact it is one of the cheapest flip covers you can buy and it provides the same utility as the original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S View Cover. This product can be yours at just Rs. 800 and it is very cheap when compared to the Samsung’s original product which is priced at $55.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Mercury Flip Cover Wallet

As you can see, it is another trendy and stylish cover that you can buy at a reasonable price. It is the cheapest cover priced at just $5 on .

All these Galaxy Note 5 Flip covers fulfills an important and different task and they also match each individual’s need. When you look at these, one thing you know for sure that they will never get outdated.

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