Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Accessories

Samsung has been on the top of the market since years now and now their newest device from the factory is the Galaxy Note 5, which is an absolute jewel of a smartphone. We have already written few articles on Note 5 Cases, but to keep a smartphone new and in better shape, you must be looking for tons of accessories for the device. Don’t worry, we have researched a lot and made this exclusive list of the best Galaxy Note 5 Accessories for you only.

Galaxy Note 5 Accessories

Top 6 Galaxy Note 5 Accessories : Unbiased List

1. Galaxy Note 5 S View Cover

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with tons of advancements and technology and Samsung did not want you to flip back your cover and just keep the phone to rest. Well, the S cover let you operate a part of the screen even when the flip is on the screen. It doesn’t only offers a handy design but a lot of comfort too when held in the hands. Despite that it doesn’t covers the screen, it still manages to give the comfort

while holding the device while walking. Available at 1,700 INR on Amazon, it can be yours until the stock lasts. It is a great bargain when compared to other flip covers which have fake leather unlike this one.

2. Galaxy Note 5 Battery and Charger

Whenever we plan a trip with family or friends, the first thing that we pack in is the portable charger or a battery that would power the cell phone even when the original battery runs out. Well, this might be very time consuming as the battery removal process will mean shutting down your phone. Well, the thing here is the battery case that you can carry around with you and this case can fit in an original Samsung battery and comes with a usb wire so if you need to charge your device then it will not cause any problems. Available at nearly Rs. 2,400 at Amazon, you can buy that now as the deals are not there for lifetime.

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3. Galaxy Note 4 Wireless Charging Adapter

The Galaxy S6 comes with an option of wireless charging but the Note 4 doesn’t but there is just a thing you need to make your Note 5 charge on wireless charger. At just 1000 INR you can fit in a wireless power receiver which can charge your phone by just putting it on the wireless charger. Well, it can be rightly said if we call this the deal of the year.

4. Galaxy Note 5 Dock

We all love the trendy car docks well this one is just the thing that you need to put your Note 5 on a dock. The specialty of this one is that is can be attached in any car as it attaches into the car’s ac vent. Available at Rs. 3,000, it is a great deal when you have more than one car at your home.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pocket Keyboard

This one is really helpful while travelling. This is a foldable keyboard which can be used to put your Galaxy Note 5 on its dock and then you can type your emails and docs using it. It is available at Rs. 5,000 in the market.

6. Galaxy Note 4 Tripod Adapter

The Galaxy Note 5 has a great camera with 4k shooting. So it has a great camera and the thing that is needed is a tripod to shoot photos and videos with ease. Well, it is not a problem with this one as it has a little tripod stand at the end of it. It is available at Rs. 1200 on the Amazon Market place.

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Wrap Up

These Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Accessories will make your Smartphone extra awesome for sure, and thus we are encouraging you all to have a look on them and add in your super cool collection as soon as possible. Let’s build the brand army of Samsung Galaxy Note 5!!!

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