Best Galaxy Note 5 Wallet cases

Samsung has been the king of the smartphone market since years now and one of the highlights of its journey has been the Note series. Samsung created something unusual in the year 2012 by unveiling the first Note Model which was an oversized version of the regular smartphone. Well, their risk paid off and what we have is the 4th generation Note series. It is a damn good smartphone, or we can also say Smarterphone and to protect its amazing screen and body, people are looking for many wallet cases. So let it to us and you must select the following wallet cases for Note 5.


List of Best Galaxy Note 5 Wallet cases

1. Spigen Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Case

Spigen is a renowned name when we talk of covers and cases. And when we talk of quality, spigen is also the first company that strikes the minds. Well, the Galaxy note 5 wallet case that you can see above is made of pure leather and you can store your currency notes as well as some important cars in its flap. It will also protect your device from many tough incidents.

2. Mercury Goospery Wallet Flip Case For Galaxy Note 5

If you need a trendy and good looking wallet case for your device at lower price, this is the thing for you. It looks stylish as well as it can hold your currency that you need for an outing as well as some of your main card. And the best part of this is that it costs just $8.

3. Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Case Golf Fit

Amazing, isn’t it? Well, imagine that it can be yours at just 700 Rupees. Well, its able to put a smile on your face now then imagine what would it do when it will do when you will fix this on the back of your Note 5.

4. I-Kitpit Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Looking for something different? Well this is the thing for you as the company is known for doing things differently and this looks absolutely brilliant. It looks elegant and costly but it actually costs just $7 including the shipping cost by Amazon.

5. Versus Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Versus has a name in this industry for delivering the great quality and fitment. Well, this one stands onto its name as this one is made out of premium leather and holds upto 4 cards and some currency notes. Well, if you are looking for the quality then price doen’t matter, right? This will set your back at Rs. $52 and is only on Amazon so don’t wait for long as the stock is not there for forever.

6. Bracevor Premium Wallet Flip Stand Cover For Galaxy Note 5

Last but not the least is this beauty which just looks elegant and classy. When you open the flip cover, you will see space for your cards as well as your money. Priced at just $16, it clearly is a mouth watering deal from Amazon.

All these covers are the best that you can have and use as your wallet but what matters is their feel and quality. So choose wisely and enjoy using your Note 5 Device.

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